The Destroyer of Worlds Paths to Zero The Challenges

The Destroyer of Worlds

Douglas Roche on the bomb's biography


"It awakened in me
       a kind of revulsion..."

Imagining the unimaginable

the environmental impact of nuclear weapons

with Ira Helfand


"Nuclear Weapons fundamentally
       affect the environment of our planet"

Paths to Zero

The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention

with Tim Wright (ICAN)


"We need states
     to step up to the plate
      and to really start demanding."

The Challenges

10 Minutes with Jonathan Frerichs

on how pre-cooked food may prevent

nuclear proliferation in the Middle East


"The price of failure
            becomes too high."

The silent arms race

Nuclear weapons modernization

with Ray Acheson


"If one or two states
  decided to disarm
  it would break
  the vicious cycle."

The Story of Disarmament Diplomacy

with Hellmut Hoffmann, Representative
to the Conference on Disarmament


A Humanitarian Spotlight on Nuclear Weapons

with Benno Laggner, Swiss Head of Delegation


"Nuclear Weapons
        are uncontrollable."